MFL Plans

MW Forestry & Real Estate, LLC is a professional forestry consulting company with an office in Wausau, Wisconsin. MW Forestry has prepared hundreds of MFL plans statewide and is ready to assist you with the planning and preparing of a MFL plan for your property.

MW Forestry prepares Forest Management Plans (Managed Forest Law or Stewardship Plans): Prepared by a WI Certified Plan Writer in accordance to guidelines set forth by the WI Department of Natural Resources. Plans are designed to give accurate stand descriptions and activities to be carried out within the plan.

We will work directly with you to accomplish your forest management objectives. We are not affiliated with any timber harvesting or forest products companies. The only interest we have in the value of your standing timber is to assure you that your property is properly managed and that you receive the highest level of service from us. Our goal is to provide you with professional, scientific, forest management assistance at a reasonable cost.

MW Forestry & Real Estate has been an industry leader for over 15 years!